At Cultiv8 Tennis we focus on developing people as well as performers. We recognise that as well as developing tennis-specific skills, tennis provides the opportunity for personal and social development. Consequently we create environments to enable both skill sets to develop concurrently.







Our programmes are underpinned by our CV8GRIT©  philosophy, our unique approach to player development. As coaches we understand the importance of creating an environment that is 
GAMES-BASED and linked to the specific demands of competition.


Player programmes focus on the development of (physical and psychological) RESILIENCE, a key component for consistent performance and the ability to execute skills effectively when under pressure. 


At CV8 Tennis we create environments and situations that require INDEPENDENT THINKING, challenging players to develop a solution-focused approach to problem-solving both on and off the court. 


Whilst Tennis requires players to be independent we also see the importance of helping players to develop a sense of identity, togetherness, and TEAMWORK. We see the value and importance of incorporating social and emotional skills alongside technical and tactical developments.  Players and coaches are encouraged to work together to meet our individual and collective goals, taking advantage of the support services on offer.



Our ABCD Framework© helps to guide our Player Development Programmes, providing method and structure to enhance the quality of support and the effectiveness of delivery.



THE 'As'


Our priority is to help players to develop AWARENESS to enhance the quality of learning experiences.

Our approach focuses on the development of self-awareness and self-regulation skills, both on and off court, and to train mindfulness and ACCEPTANCE. We devise and implement practical strategies during training which can help with the transfer and APPLICATION of physical and mental skills from the training environment to the match court. 

THE 'Bs'

At CV8 Tennis we create environments that both challenge and support players. Our training programmes develop technical and tactical skills with the emphasis on developing a game style for the future.  We work with players to instil BELIEF in their abilities and encourage them to be BRAVE. We emphasise a mentality of ‘exploration’, encouraging players to ‘experiment’ on court which we see as fundamental to facilitate game understanding and enhance long-term development. Whilst we recognise the sacrifices that players have to make to compete at a high level we also understand the importance of BALANCE for children and adolescents. At CV8 we incorporate personal, social, and psychological development into our programmes, taking advantage of the wider support services at our disposal.


THE 'Cs'


A desire to improve and a willingness to work hard are key qualities that we demand of our players. At CV8 Tennis we create training environments which encourage, ingrain, and test COMMITMENT. We understand the importance of instilling CONFIDENCE in players and the benefits this can bring to influence effort, intensity, and application. We place significant emphasis on building resilience and developing CHARACTER through both on and off court activities. 



THE 'Ds' 


DETERMINATION is an essential attribute if players are to create lasting habits both on and off the court. Our programmes focus on ingraining excellence by promoting DISCIPLINE and embedding a culture of accountability across all aspects of player development. We target DECISION-MAKING skills through our game-based approach and place significant emphasis on developing game understanding and tactical awareness. 


The CV8GRIT© Philosophy combined with the ABCD Framework© provides the foundation for players of all ages and standards to grow and develop.  

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