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At Cultiv8 Tennis we are committed to creating a clear and transparent development pathway which is underpinned by a long-term player development philosophy. We are driven to provide opportunities for players to maximise their potential and to make the tennis journey more engaging and enjoyable. 

We deliver developmentally-appropriate programmes which target and integrate all of the performance factors. We draw on our knowledge and understanding of talent development and combine this with our coaching expertise to create individualised programmes to optimise player development. 







Developing physical literacy and building key athletic skills


A ‘game-based’ approach which emphasises fun, creativity, and self-discovery


To inspire and enthuse young tennis players​



Meet LTA selection criteria for Regional Standard​


High quality group sessions 


Strength & Conditioning support 


Coach attendance at identified domestic competitions


STANDARD: For players of Regional Standard and above​


An individualised training programme which can include:


Individual lessons

Small squad sessions 

Strength & Conditioning support 

Sport Science services 

Periodised planning to integrate training and competition schedules 

Video Analysis

Development/Review Meetings 

Tournament Support

(Domestic & International) 

Academy Trips



Our Futures Programme targets players between the ages of 5 & 10 years old. The emphasis is on developing a solid physical base which enables physical literacy and the formation of key athletic skills. We focus on developing young players through a game-based approach, which includes technical and tactical input, underpinned by fun, creativity, and self-discovery.  


The Futures Programme provides players and their families with the necessary support and guidance to prepare them for the progression into Performance Tennis. We understand the importance of developing psychological, social, and emotional skills alongside the tennis-specific competencies and, therefore, we create a training environment which enables all-round growth and development. 


The goal of the Futures Programme is to enthuse and inspire young players, to foster their love of the game, and to start to build strong physical and mental foundations which will enable them to progress onto the next stage of the Performance Pathway.



As an LTA Regional Player Development Centre CV8 Tennis provides training programmes which enable the best players, aged 10-14, in the North East Region* to train and practise regularly with each other. As part of this programme players receive high-quality group coaching sessions, which focus on developing an all-court game, to aid preparation for National and International Level competition. Strength and Conditioning Support, to maximise athletic development, is also an important aspect of the programme. As a means of assessing player development and tournament performance coaches attend identified domestic competitions. Players on this Programme can access Cultiv8 Tennis solely to enhance their existing club programme or they can combine it with a Bespoke Programme. 


*Players are selected for this Programme based on LTA selection criteria.
Players attending these Programmes will have their training costs subsidised by the LTA.



Our Bespoke Programmes target players who are of Regional Training Level standard and above (aged 10 +). We offer comprehensive and integrated support which focuses on overall development in relation to individualised goals. We understand the importance of technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of performance and use our expertise and experience to integrate these facets to enhance training opportunities and facilitate learning outcomes. Players on a Bespoke Programme will usually access the Academy at least 3-4 days per week. To facilitate this arrangement we forge close links with players’ schools, helping players to balance the demands of academic work and high-performance junior tennis. 

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