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Based on the current LTA System there are two interdependent stages to the Player Pathway, the National Performance Stage and the Pro Tour Stage. These Stages are dedicated to nurturing the most promising players to become champions at all levels of national and international tennis.

Players who are selected for the Pro Tour Stage normally commence the programme at age 13 or 14, with the frequency and intensity of training and competition increasing. National Academies (normally for players aged 13-18) are the first step of the Pro Tour Stage and are supported by the National Age Group Programme. This prepares players for the Pro Scholarship Programme, a stepping-stone from junior to professional tennis.

The final stage of the Player Pathway is for those Singles players who reach the world’s top 100 and Doubles players who reach the world’s top 32 in the ATP / WTA rankings. These players will become eligible for Elite Support. Players can enter the Player Pathway through Local Player Development Centres and Regional Player Development Centres, but other programmes within the Player Pathway are on a selection-only basis.


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While Cultiv8 Tennis Programmes complement the LTA Player Pathway, we are also mindful that growth and development is unique and individualised, with physical and psychological maturity contributing to ‘developmental milestones’ and player progression. By understanding the broader nature of child and adolescent development and the talent development process, we provide support systems and structures for players who may fall outside of the LTA framework. 


Given our background and collective experiences, the CV8 Coaching Team is well positioned to develop training and competition schedules to optimise the learning environment and maximise player potential at all stages on the pathway. 


At Cultiv8 Tennis we recognise the pathway to elite status is long and unpredictable. Whilst we strive to help players to achieve this, providing the necessary support along the way (if this is their long-term goal), we also recognise that there are other possible pathways for player development, for example College / University Scholarships in the UK or USA. Our priority is to provide a supportive but challenging environment to deliver individualised programmes, which maximise player learning, instil a love of the game, and provide opportunities for players to grow and develop both on and off the court.  

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